Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

At Adelaide Aerial Drones we shoot our images in jpg and raw format, giving you high quality images. Ready for use or to take into editing.

Why not take advantage of our post production, where we supply you with fully edited finished product ready for you to showcase.

We only use the highest quality drones. Giving you stable and precise footage and are able to fly in up to 25 km/h winds however we prefer to only shoot with winds below 20 km/h.

A single flight time of up to 29 minutes is possible before a battery change is required.

Following safe flying practices we will arrive early to do a full flight assessment and discuss your needs and explain to you what restrictions we may have.

Once we have the shoot complete we can give you the raw footage or with our post production have a finished fully edited Photos within 3 to 4 days.

When we edit we can supply website friendly images or full printable image to a size of A1.